How to find the right estate planning lawyer for your needs

You need an estate planning lawyer to develop an effective and legally sound estate plan. Being aware of what an estate planning lawyer is and how you can find the right estate planning lawyer for your needs makes the process of finding the right lawyer much more manageable.


Why Do You Need An Estate Planning Lawyer?

Developing an estate plan is a complex act that requires a great deal of legal expertise. Just for this reason alone, you need to hire an estate planning lawyer to assist you in developing your estate plan.

Even though the reason above is perfectly valid, there is one more very important reason why it is imperative that you have a lawyer who specializes in estate planning: to assist you in asking the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.

Your estate plan is a thorough, elaborate document, and to make sure it suits your needs, you must ask a variety of questions. By asking these questions, you can ensure that your wishes and needs are met.

Right after your estate plan has been developed, your lawyer can assist you in drafting the documentation and filing the forms that enable your estate plan to go into effect.


Who needs estate planning?

How Can You Find The Right Estate Planning Lawyer For Your Needs?

To find the estate planning lawyer that is right for your needs, there are several things that you can do. Doing these things will allow you to clarify your needs and find a lawyer that can satisfy those needs.


Clarify Your Exact Needs

Before you search for an estate planning lawyer, you must clarify your exact needs. Some of these needs may be as follows:

Go over your exact needs, and, in doing so, you will have a much better idea of what you want to accomplish. With this information in mind, finding a lawyer that can assist you in accomplishing those goals is much easier.


Figure Out Whether Or Not A Lawyer Specializes In Estate Planning

To ensure that the needs of your estate plan are met, you must find a lawyer who specializes in estate planning. And, with that in mind, you should find a lawyer who has experience with the needs you’ve clarified.

The easiest way to determine whether or not a lawyer can do this for you is to read their page and learn about what they specialize in and what they’ve done before. 

If the lawyer’s page mentions what you need, then it’s worth getting in touch with them and seeing what they can do for you.


Meet With A Lawyer In-Person

Right before you sign any contracts or make any agreements, you should meet with your potential new lawyer in person. By doing so, you can ask questions regarding your goals and see if they’re the right fit for you.

To prepare for this meeting, clarify your needs and then formulate questions regarding those needs. Make sure to ask them if they’ve worked on similar cases before so that you know if they are familiar with what you’re doing.

During the meeting, you can ask those questions while also getting a general feel for the lawyer. You may find that the lawyer is right for you or that they aren’t quite suitable for you or your needs.


Contact A Florida Estate Planning Lawyer

Your estate plan is essential, and we at Hoyt & Bryan can ensure that your estate plan satisfies each and every one of your estate planning needs.


Contact one of our Florida estate planning lawyers today, and we will assist you in developing an estate plan that is right for you.


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