What’s the Deal with…Estate Planning

Are you and your family prepared in the event of a disability or death? In her previous book, Straight Talk! About Estate Planning, author Peggy Hoyt provided a fresh new approach to thinking about estate planning that focuses on the personal aspect, not just the documents involved!. To be relevant, your estate plan must be well-counseled, fully funded and up to date. Don’t rely on your state’s default laws to create an estate plan for you – create one for yourself that meets your specific needs, goals and concerns. This requires that you understand your own situation and that of your family – and every family is unique! What’s the Deal With Estate Planning? explores Peggy’s unique approach to estate planning and addresses important questions regarding planning for mental incapacity, planning for long term care and ultimately, planning for your death, including a peak into what happens when someone dies. In this book, Peggy addresses the following questions: Why is Estate Planning Important? Should I Plan for Mental Disability? Doesn’t the Government Pay for Long Term Care? How vital is a Will and what does it provide for me and my family? Can you Trust Your Family? What if I have Unique Planning Concerns? Are Taxes a Big Concern? What Should I Do When Someone Dies? What about my Pets? This book also discusses the latest information for same-sex couples. It also includes a comprehensive list of resources for further information so that you can stay up to date with the latest laws and advice. Remember, every family’s situation is unique – a cookie cutter approach to estate planning will not work! It’s your family – provide them with the best possible outcomes. Educate yourself today before meeting with your estate planning professional tomorrow. Let Peggy’s book help you and your family plan for the future.


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