The Cryonics Estate Planning Handbook:: Maybe You CAN Take It with You!

BY Rudi Hoffman, Peggy Hoyt
What if it really IS possible to “Take it with you?” With the increasing viability of Cryonics as a life-extension strategy, what if you could take your assets with you and allow the magic of compound interest to enable future revival with amazing financial options? In short, what if you could be seriously wealthy in the future? Following up on his successful 2018 book, The Affordable Immortal: Maybe You CAN Beat Death and Taxes!, Cryonics Funding Specialist Rudi Hoffman joins renowned Author and Estate Attorney Peggy Hoyt to explore these questions and provide practical answers. And, most excitingly, in this fun to read book, they explain just how this can be done for YOU. Whether you are just beginning to look into Cryonics or have been involved with this real-world time machine for decades, you will find the ideas in this seminal book in the emerging field of Cryonics Estate Planning will expand your vision of the Possible!


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