A Matter of Trust, The Importance of Personal Instructions

by Peggy R. Hoyt, J.D., M.B.A. & Candace M. Pollock, J.D.
A Matter of Trust is a book for everyone—everyone, that is, who cares about what happens to them in the event of disability and to their legacy at the time of their death. Maggie Kinnick was a widow of comfortable means who created a revocable living trust on the advice of her trusted advisors after the death of her only child, Pat. Her trust was created to provide Maggie with financial caretakers when she could no longer handle her own affairs, and to distribute her legacy at death. Instead of protecting Maggie, the trust, and the way it was managed by her trustees, created a nightmare for her—one that continued even after her death. A Matter of Trust is the definitive guide to creating legal directives to avoid Maggie’s dilemma. It identifies the types of legal directives most people require and where and how to create personal instructions to properly guide caregivers about when and how discretion should be exercised.


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