Which Daughter Gets Mom’s Diamond Earrings?

The law firm answer…..it depends.   Did mom leave written signed instructions? If she did, her personal property will be distributed according to her wishes.  But if she did not let her wishes be known in a comprehensive estate plan, there could be dissention among the heirs.

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Estate Planning for Your Business


When you own and operate a business, your Buy-Sell Agreement is probably the last thing on your mind.  It’s something your business attorney drafted years ago and most likely you have not thought about it since.  Or, maybe you don’t have one at all!  Just like your personal estate planning, having an estate plan for your business is very important.  Without a buy-sell agreement, a closely held or family business faces the possibility of financial and tax problems on an owner’s death, disability, divorce, bankruptcy, sale or retirement. The benefits of having a buy-sell agreement in place far outweigh the cost of creating and maintaining the agreement.  A buy-sell agreement can ward off infighting by family members, co-owners and spouses.  The buy-sell agreement can also help keep the business afloat in the event of one of these major life events.