Update and Maintenance

We do offer funding assistance services and benefits through a formalized program known as the Estate Security Plan (ESP). You have elected not to participate in the ESP program or if you decide you would like our help with the funding of your trust, we are more than happy to assist you– simply call our office at 407-977-8080 for information and fees to become an ESP member at any time.

Our Estate Security Program (ESP) is a voluntary maintenance program for our clients. There is an annual fee due in January of the year following your original signing ceremony. One of the benefits of the program is complimentary document updating every two years. During that process we make personal changes to their documents as well as changes in the law. You can schedule a conference call with your attorney to update your planning and come to one of our group signing ceremonies or CUP (Client Update Program) that we offer on a monthly basis throughout the year. This program insures that your documents continue to reflect your desired legacy.