Legacy Planning

Priceless Conversations™

Our real wealth is the living declaration of who we are as a unique human being—of the paths we have traveled in our life, and the bridge of values, vision, wisdom, and experience that we have to offer our loved ones. Through a series of     easy-to follow questions, Priceless Conversations provides a structure with which memories, accomplishments, and the meaning of life can be captured and preserved as a permanent legacy for future generations. Each conversation is recorded and provided to you on a custom CD with a photo CD case.Conversations:
  • My Legacy (Our Legacy)
  • The Meaning of Money
  • Wisdom Conversations<
  • My Kids (Our Kids)
  • My Values (Our Values)
  • Stories From the Past
  • The Meaning of Success
  • My House (Our House)
  • My Pets
  • Special Wishes
  • A Special Child<
  • My Estate Plan (Our Estate Plan)
  • Treasures & Items of Significant Personal Property
  • A Settlement