Estate Security Plan

2015 ESP: Estate Security Plan Highlights

Your Estate Security Plan annual fee includes all of the following services and benefits at no additional charge:

Funding/Asset Integration:

Asset Training MeetingFinancial Funding Forum™ – To teach you the importance of fully integrating your assets with your trust instructions

Asset Integration Assistance – To assist you as you acquire new or additional assets (up to 10 assets included – additional charge for additional assets)

Annual Asset Verification – To ensure that your trust remains fully funded

Personal Instructions / Customized Instructions – For Health Care, Trustee Instructions for Children, Personal Property Memorandum, Memorial Instructions

Nuts ‘N Bolts I – (Successor Trustee Training) – to educate you and your successors regarding roles and responsibilities as a Successor Trustee

Trustee Assistance Program
– To support family members acting in the role of Successor Trustee

Nuts ‘N Bolts II
 – (Inheritance Training) – to educate beneficiaries of the long-term benefits of retaining assets in trust, including creditor protection, remarriage protection, divorce protection and values promotion, to name just a few.

Specialty Workshops –
Check our website for our specialty workshops such as Retirement Planning, The Truth About Medicaid Planning, Planning for your Pets, and Women In Transition.

Maintenance (Relationship):
Telephone Conferences and Email Correspondence – To provide support and assistance when needed or required

Document Amendment Service
– To respond to changes in your family or personal situation

Annual Client Meeting
– To share with you the status of the firm and changes in the law that may affect your plan

Client Update Program (C.U.P.) –
A periodic (every 2 to 3 years) program to ensure that you are educated and your estate plan is current with changes in the law and changes in our experience, conducted in a small group setting. For an individual update program, see Personal Update Program.

Community Builder™ Programs – Fun events intended to include family members and provide an opportunity to share and develop our relationship on an informal basis

Family Focus™ Newsletter –
To keep you updated on changing laws and upcoming events

Legacy Builder™      
At your Client Update Program, we will offer a tool from our Legacy Building Program. Options may include:
Year One – Family Meeting – To share your vision and your plan with your family

Other Legacy Tools: ( see Legacy Planning)
Like A Library Burning – Sharing and Saving a Lifetime of Stories
By: Scott Farnsworth and Peggy R. Hoyt

Priceless Treasures, Memorable Stories – To tell the story of your family, heirlooms, collectibles and personal items of strong sentimental value

Your Life Your Legacy™  –
The object of Your Life Your Legacy™ is to help participants realize that in the course of their lives, they have acquired an abundance of wisdom that they need to share and preserve, and then pass on to succeeding generations.

The Gift of Memories
™  – To share the textures of our lives and discover meaning in our life’s journey by recalling important events and significant relationships. By capturing these memories you can honor and remember a loved one or say goodbye to one who is gone. You will be provided with a toll-free number for your friends and family to call then we will mail you your custom CD.

Priceless Conversations
Sample Conversations:
Priceless Memories: The Meaning of Money
During this interview process, you will, capture, and preserve your meaning-of-money experiences and the lessons you want your family to know about the financial wealth they will be receiving.

Priceless Memories: Wisdom
During this interview process, you will capture, and preserve for future generations your wisdom and life-lessons.

Priceless Memories: StoriesDuring this interview process, you will capture, and preserve for future generations the stories of significant turning points and impact people over the course of your life.

Priceless Memories: Legacy
This is a process for honoring the person who has passed away, giving voice to all who loved them to share stories and words of consolation, and providing the family the chance to hear how their loved one made a difference in dozens or hundreds of lives.

Reduced fee settlement services  To assure your successors have disclosed and controlled settlement costs

Survivor Support Program – To ensure your survivors have continued support, education and counselling in their time of need

Additional Services:
Personal Counsel and Review ($500) An individual one-on-one counselling review to discuss major changes in your personal or financial situation such as divorce, retirement, inheritance or other changed circumstances.

Personal Update Program (P.U.P. – $500) –
A periodic (every 2 to 3 years) program to ensure that you are educated and your estate plan is current with changes in the law and changes in our experience, conducted in an individual one-on-one setting

Advanced Planning (20% discount) –
Including Stand Alone Special Needs Trust, Stretch Inheritance Trust (IRA Trust), Charitable Remainder Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Family Limited Partnership and Family Foundations, Business Succession and Exit Plans.