Estate Planning Process

Educational Workshop (Optional)
Join us in our classroom, for an interactive workshop designed to educate families about general estate planning principles, the federal estate and gift tax structures, and the importance of implementing and maintaining a relevant estate plan. We highly recommend you attend an educational workshop, but it is optional. Click here to see when our next estate planning workshop will be held.  (Complimentary)

Discovery and Decision Dialogue
Discuss client and attorney commitments; you teach us about you and your family. We teach you about the law and how it affects your family. Then, together we can explore optimum planning solutions. (One and a half hour one-on-one consultation. Consultation Fee $200.00 – Applied to planning fee.)

Counselling and Design Meeting
We will work with you,  your family, and advisors (optional) to custom design your plan. (1/2 of your fee is due.)

Signing Ceremony
We review and sign all drafted documents. (Remaining 1/2 of your fee is due.)

Asset Ownership and Protection; Updating, Education, Maintenance & Support can be provided at an additional fee.