Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process designed to allow you to control your property while you are alive and well; plan for yourself and your loved ones in the event of your disability and then give what you have, to whom you want, when you want, the way want. We help co-create estate plans that embrace your vision, that could include the creation of a legacy for your family, pets and charity. View our frequently asked questions videos below.What is the attorney's role in the estate planning process? Presented by: Peggy HoytHow much does estate planning cost? Presented by: Peggy HoytDo I need a will? Presented by: Peggy HoytWill I still have control over my property if I have a revocable living trust? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhat do testate and intestate mean? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhat should I know about gift taxes? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhat are some typical estate planning documents? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhat happens if I have a living trust, but I did not put all of my assets into my trust and I die without a will? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhat happens if you do not have a disability plan? Presented by: Peggy HoytWho should be my executor (personal representative) or trustee? Presented by: Peggy HoytIf I give my agent immediate power, do I forfeit all rights to make financial decisions? Presented by: Peggy HoytI did some estate planning in the past with my financial advisor. Should I still consult an estate planning attorney? Presented by: Peggy HoytHow is asset protections relevant to estate planning? Presented by: Peggy HoytCan I pre-plan and pre-pay for my funeral and burial expenses? Presented by: Peggy HoytCan I name more than one person as an agent? Presented by: Peggy HoytCan I name a trust as the beneficiary of my life insurance policies, annuities, and retirement accounts? Presented by: Peggy HoytHow does an agent use a power of attorney? Presented by: Peggy HoytHow can I leave my estate to my spouse free of estate taxes? Presented by: Peggy HoytDoes the way in which I hold title make a difference in my overall estate plan? Presented by: Peggy HoytDoes a trustee get paid for their duties? Presented by: Peggy HoytCan I give my agent, under a power of attorney, the power to make health care decisions for me? Presented by: Peggy HoytCan I give my agent power to make health care decisions for me? Presented by: Peggy HoytCan I add my daughter's or son's name to my bank account instead of having a power of attorney? Presented by: Peggy HoytMust I leave something to my spouse and my children in my will? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhat do the designations "transfer on death", "payable on death",  and "in trust for" mean? Presented by: Randy BryanWhat does it mean to fund a trust? Presented by: Randy BryanWhat qualities should I look for in an executor (personal representative)? Presented by: Randy BryanUnder a power of attorney, can my agent make a gift on my behalf? Presented by: Randy BryanWhat is a UTMA account? Presented by: Randy BryanShould I have a power of attorney for healthcare? Presented by: Randy BryanShould I add my family members names on my assets and avoid a will? Presented by: Randy BryanIf I have several children, can I treat them differently in my will? Presented by: Randy BryanIf I give someone power of attorney do I forfeit my own rights to make decisions? Presented by: Randy BryanDoes a revocable living trust protect my property from creditors? Presented by: Randy BryanDo I need a lawyer for estate planning, or can I hire a paralegal or another non-attorney to assist me? Presented by: Randy BryanCan my power of attorney make or change my will? Presented by: Randy BryanCan I use my will to name a guardian to care for my young children and manage their property? Presented by: Randy BryanCan I prevent a daughter in law or son in law from benefiting from my child's inheritance if they get a divorce? Presented by: Randy BryanCan I change my trust after it is established? Presented by: Randy BryanCan I disinherit my spouse or my children?  Presented by: Randy BryanCan I control how money is left to my children? Presented by: Randy BryanCan I give all my property away before I die and avoid estate taxes? Presented by: Randy BryanCan a will be changed or revoked? Presented by: Randy BryanWhat does a proper estate plan include? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerWhat is a living will? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerWhere should I keep my estate planning documents? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerWhat is included in my estate for tax purposes? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerWhat is an advance directive? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerShould I have a general power of attorney? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerOnce I have signed a durable power of attorney, can I change my mind? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerIf I am named as executor (personal representative) in a will, do I have to serve? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerHow long is a will valid? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerDo I need a living trust? Presented by: Sarah AuMiller Can I make a written will if I do not have much property? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerWho needs estate planning? Presented by: Michelle AdamsWhat if there is no will? Presented by: Michelle AdamsWhat does testate and intestate mean? Presented by: Michelle AdamsWhen should an estate plan be reviewed? Presented by: Michelle AdamsWhen does a power of attorney become effective? Presented by: Michelle AdamsIf I create a revocable living trust, do I still need a will? Presented by: Michelle AdamsHow does a power of attorney terminate? Presented by: Michelle AdamsDoes a will control all of my property? Presented by: Michelle AdamsDoes a revocable living trust offer asset protection? Presented by: Michelle AdamsDo I need more than a will? Presented by: Michelle AdamsCan I have a durable power of attorney that becomes effective only in the future? Presented by: Michelle AdamsStill have questions? Call our office today, 407-977-8080.