Estate Administration

There are three different types of administrations Formal Probate Administration, Summary Probate Administration and Trust Administration. View our frequently asked questions videos below. What is a formal probate? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt How long will probate take? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt My spouse died with a will and did not leave me anything in their will. Do I have any special rights as a spouse? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt My parent died with a will and disinherited me. Can my parent do that in Florida? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt My husband died and left a will giving his assets to me and my children. Do we need to probate the will in court? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt How long does it take to settle a trust and what can I do if it is not done in a reasonable amount of time? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt How is an estate probated or administered? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt Does the property automatically transfer to my name, or do I have to register the property with the state? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt Do living trusts go through probate? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt Do beneficiaries have to pay creditors out of their own pocket if the estate is insolvent? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt Can I pay the decedent's debts even if the creditor has not files a claim? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt A creditor has filed a creditor's claim. What do I do now? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt Does a trustee get paid for their duties? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt Are executors (personal representative) paid? Presented by: Peggy Hoyt Will my family need to pay estate taxes at my death? Presented by: Randy Bryan How can an estate plan prevent probate of my estate? Presented by: Randy Bryan Are there alternatives to the formal administration of probate? Presented by: Sarah AuMiller Which law applies if the decedent owned land in more than one state? Presented by: Sarah AuMiller How can an estate plan make things easier on my family after I die? Presented by: Sarah AuMiller Do I need an attorney to handle an estate? Presented by: Sarah AuMiller Must the personal representative post a bond? Presented by: Sarah AuMiller When can I close the estate and distribute the assets? Presented by: Michelle Adams Do we need to go through probate if there is a valid and non-contested will? Presented by: Michelle Adams Still have questions? Call our office today, 407-977-8080.