Your Enterprise Success (Y.E.S.!)

Y.E.S.! is a counselling based maintenance and education program for your business designed to identify and address internal issues before they become costly legal matters. We combine proper start-up, a vital maintenance and updating system, a legal support team, and an exit planning strategy to ensure that you not only build and maintain your business, but ultimately leave your company to whom you want, when you want, the way you want.

Y.E.S.! Core Services

  • Enterprise portfolio maintenance
  • Hoyt & Bryan, LLC to act as Registered Agent
  • Conduct annual meeting at our office (on request and availability)
  • Annual Legal Audit
  • Annual Report Filing with Florida Department of State (if we are Registered Agent)
  • Annual on site Estate Planning/Retirement Planning Educational Program for employees
  • Quarterly Y.E.S.! Lunch & Learn
  • Educational and Networking events
  • Unlimited telephone or email inquires associated with your business
  • 10% Discount off hourly rates, Additional Services and Business Agreements
  • Professional Advisor Referral Service – CPA, Financial Advisor, Lender, Attorney

Additional Discounted Services

The following services are offered to Your Enterprise Success (Y.E.S.!) participants at a reduced fee.

  • Preparation of Meeting Notices, Waivers and Proxies
  • Creation of additional entities
  • Reinstatement filing
  • Resignation of a Registered Agent
  • Resignation of Member, Managing Member or Manager
  • Merger and Consolidation
  • Conversion
  • Dissolution
  • Revocation of Dissolution
  • Business Succession Planning