Elder Law Frequently Asked Questions

Elder law is not necessarily defined by any specific technical legal distinctions. Rather, elder law is more accurately defined by the people that it serves-older individuals, most commonly referred to as seniors or elders. Elder law also encompasses the broad area of planning for person with disabilities. View our frequently asked questions videos below.What is elder law? Presented by: Randy BryanIf i got into a nursing home and my wife stays home, how much of my income can she keep? Presented by: Randy BryanWill the government or state take my house if I go into a nursing home? Presented by: Randy BryanWill Medicare cover the cost of nursing home care? Presented by: Randy BryanWill Medicaid pay for assisted living? Presented by: Randy BryanWhat are the Medicaid application and eligibility requirements? Presented by: Randy BryanWhat are the common mistakes in Medicaid asset protection planning? Presented by: Randy BryanWhat is the Aid and Attendance benefit program? Presented by: Randy BryanIf I gave things away do I have to wait five years to get Medicaid? Presented by: Randy BryanIf I enter a nursing home as a private pay resident, do I have to use my assets before I can get Medicaid? Presented by: Randy BryanI thought that when I retired I got Medicare. Is that true? Presented by: Randy BryanI have long term care insurance. Do I need to do anything else to protect my assets? Presented by: Randy BryanHow does someone apply for Medicaid benefits? Presented by: Randy BryanHow do I know if I am eligible for veteran's benefits? Presented by: Randy BryanHow do I figure out what the penalty period is for transferring property? Presented by: Randy BryanDo I have to wait 5 years after giving anything away to get Medicaid? Presented by: Randy BryanCan my mother give me money when she moves into my house? Presented by: Randy BryanCan I retain control of my assets while simultaneously protecting them from the reach of nursing homes? Presented by: Randy BryanCan all elder law attorneys handles all issues that come up in an elder law context? Presented by: Randy BryanAre there an means for me to retain control of my assets while also protecting them form the reach of nursing homes? Presented by: Randy BryanAre the eligibility rules for community-based Medicaid services the same as for nursing home Medicaid? Presented by: Randy BryanAm I entitled to veteran's benefits regardless of how much money I have? Presented by: Randy BryanDoes an agent have any responsibilities to use him or her own money to support me? Presented by: Peggy HoytDo children have to pay for a parent to be in a nursing home? Presented by: Peggy HoytCan my mother give away $10,000 with no problems? Presented by: Peggy HoytCan I be barred from Medicaid if I just moved into Florida? Presented by: Peggy HoytAre well spouses legally responsible for Medicaid expenses of a sick spouse? Presented by: Peggy HoytAre there ways for me to protect some of my assets and still be eligible fore Medicaid benefits? Presented by: Peggy HoytAre there any assets that Medicaid does not consider available to the Medicaid applicant and/or his or her spouse? Presented by: Peggy HoytAre the rules for Medicaid different in each state? Presented by: Peggy HoytAm I allowed to keep all of my Social Security and pension if I am in a nursing home and Medicaid is paying for my care? Presented by: Peggy HoytDo all attorneys practice elder law? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhy should I hire an elder law attorney? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhat if I do not want to go to a nursing home? Presented by: Peggy HoytHow much does nursing home care cost? Presented by: Peggy HoytWhat is Medicaid? Presented by? Sarah AuMillerWhat documents should I have in my estate plan that will help me plan for long term care? Presented by: Sarah AuMillerDoes everybody have to worry about estate taxes? Presented by: Michelle AdamsStill have questions? Give our office a call today, 407-977-8080.